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Performance Safety Tips

Remember, shows are for fun & entertainment: no one should get hurt.

  1. No pyrotechnics are permitted to cross, enter, go over, under, on, or around the audience (flame or sparks).

  2. Any carelessness, negligence or unsafe conditions should not be tolerated.

  3. Do not drink, take drugs or smoke when working with fire or pyrotechnics.

  4. Always have tech rehearsal before each performance. Walk through what you plan to do with everyone involved.

  5. Never start until all performers, safety people or audience members are in place and ready.

  6. The artist is always responsible for any act that endangers themselves, the crew, or the audience.

  7. A performer is always responsible for cleaning up a performance site or stage before and after a show. The area should be as clean as when you found it.

  8. Any audience should be no closer than 15 feet to the flames, farther if needed.

  9. A safety perimeter should be marked to the appropriate distance.

  10. All safety concerns should be listened to and addressed by performers and the safety coordinator to ensure a safe show.

  11. A Fire coordinator should be assigned to any show and be involved in decisions and kept updated on events related to the show.

  12. You should always have a fire watch who will have personal safety equipment and a fire extinguisher.

  13. You should always do a safety sweep before the show starts and after the show is over.

  14. The Fire Marshall, fire coordinator, and local authorities having jurisdiction can override, stop, alter, or cancel any show or part of the show with just cause. They have access to all areas of a show at all times.

  15. A show should always be stopped if needed.

  16. Fuel loading (fueling props) is to be done only by people familiar with the safety considerations and hazards involved wearing personal safety gear (glasses, gloves, etc.).

  17. Flammable and combustible liquid storage shall be maintained in a secured remote area. This area shall be located a minimum of 100 feet from the open flame acts.

  18. Any person on stage when the open flame devices are present shall have clothing or costumes that are flame retardant.

Written by Wally Glenn
Edited by Neil Carlberg, Maque Da Vis and Daniel Walsh.

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